Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crunch Time!

Hello fellow Bloggers!
Wow!  I was just asking myself: “Where does the week go?”
I cannot believe it is already Thursday! We are definitely in the midst of crunch time. We are scurrying to finish end of the year math and reading assessments. The kids are enjoying the reading assessments and conferencing with me about their goals. Admittedly, that is a tad surprising!  What doesn’t surprise me is the fact that I am so proud of them!
Happy end of the school year all!
Shannon H. From the Teacher’s Work Room


  1. I'm feeling your pain with the "crunch time." 9 kid days and 11 teacher days & counting. Found your blog while out "blog stalking" tonight. Added myself to your followers. :-) Just wanted to say hi and invite you to "swing" on over to grab some freebies and say hi on my new blog. :-)

  2. Sure, I would ♥ to! I am going to add myself as a follower as well!