Behavior Management

Keeping the classroom clean, now that is a CHORE! Make it a little easier this year. Enlist the help of the students and keep it all organized with the "Tidy Classroom Chore Chart"!


The first few days of getting to know my students in the resource room is exciting. The new faces and personalities! At the end of the year I look back with much reflection about how each student navigates  about the classroom social environment very differently.  Sometimes I think "Oh how I wish I knew _________ from day #1!" In an effort to get to know students and their attitudes, thoughts and feeling about school, I created a student survey that delves into questions about environment, distractibility, social circles, self perception and friendships...the things I want to know from day #1 in the classroom.  

If this sounds interesting, check it out @:

Okay, so last school year I promised my amazing kiddos in my classroom that as a reward for earning all the tokens in our charming token economy, we were decorating cupcakes. Well, after scurrying home after a staff meeting, making  dinner, giving Ronin (my two year old son) a bath, putting him to bed, helping Olivia with her math homework, and then crashing on the couch in front of the T.V....I forgot to make the cupcakes that evening.
 I woke early the morning to correct my error. {The silver lining here...} When I walked into my classroom with a still warm batch of cupcakes, it did smell wonderful!
 My behavior management is is.
It's a lot of work sometimes though. 
And (hold your breathe) I HAVE A LIFE!
 I have just been reading about  an interesting idea--a way to improve on the old behavior management charts...card systems...and token economies. {CONFESSION: 'Tried them all at some point} However, anything that claims it is a better way to management student behavior, now that gets my attention! sounds easy!
To purchase the one shown above...
{Behavior Managment Clip Chart--$1}
The idea is simple :"During the course of the day, the clothespins move up and down the chart based upon the behavioral choices each student makes. Good behavior causes the clothespin to move up one level. Conversely, inappropriate behavior will cause the clothespin to move down one level." 
I ♥ the idea of positive reinforcement being build into the behavior management chart, I really do. That is what makes it better than the current method I am using. Oh and sometimes Ben, my dear husband, ate the cupcakes before I left for work.
Here is the link to where I found the information: {SOURCE}

If you are just crazy busy...because sometimes it happens! Here is a link for the printables to make the one above that I made for my classroom. I had to share this idea--it's a wonderful alternative to 5 a.m cupcakes! 

All the materials to make your own are HERE in my TpT store.
I also display the  classroom rules in my room with these fun, colorful posters.
They look great laminated, adhere a magnet on the back and post on
your magnetic white board.


To the left is alternative wording on a clip chart.
I posted this picture because I liked how it was hung from the easel with the ribbon and rings {so creative!}
View the source: Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten



  1. I just implemented this behavior chart(the first picture you have), and it works fabulously. In our school we do "pride tickets" and every morning on our announcements a name is drawn from the "pride" bucket. On the top level of this clip chart, I tape a bunch of pride tickets, and the kiddos love to work hard so they can get a ticket and hopefully hear their name on the announcements. I just found your blog and look forward to looking around more! MHollowell-Meridian, ID

  2. I am glad that it works for you! I use it in my classroom too. When a student makes it to outstanding, they get special priveledges. At the beginning of the new year, I am putting a token in a jar for every "outstanding" to earn points towards extra recess.
    If the students get off-task, I just walk over to the behavior chart and look around the room. Suddenly everyone is back on track.