After the first few weeks with my new group of kiddos, I could see that some of my students could produce work rather quickly and other students needed more time and adult support to complete assignments. I noticed what other teachers do--catch up time on Friday!

     Next to my "Pass In" bin, I am also putting a second bin for "Unfinished Work" to be completed at the end of the week. In it, I will place a small notebook to list the students and missing item.  If the student run out of time, they place that work in the bin. The list will signal the educational technicians in the room to check in with these students throughout the week. What is left will be done on "Catch Me Up Fridays" while the other students work on a math activity that will not be graded. Win-win!

Click here for the bin labels for a "Pass In" and "Unfinished Work" bin.

Printable Anchor Chart: Converting Fractions to Decimals & Percentages

 This is my favorite 100th day of school activity for older students!
Our district encourages the use of the Calendar Math program. We keep track of the first 100 days of school as fractions and convert them to decimals and percentages. For the activity, use M&M candies to calculate the fraction, decimal and percentage of each color. The anchor chart shows the students how to do this with the help of a calculator. The accompanying worksheet moves the students toward seeing the pattern and finding equivalent fractions.

available @ TpT for  $1.00 includes
a graphic organizer and graphing activity. 

Chocolate Candy Math...Discovering Fractions, Decimals and

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 Word Work Activity...Various Making Words Pages


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