Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Speech and Language Resources

I have added a link at the bottom of my blog
that is worthy of a shout out!
It is a very informative blog by a
speech and language pathologist. There are
articles regarding speech and language impairments,
speech and language evaluation and more!

One of the many interesting studies featured on this website include:  "New findings from researchers at the University of Washington strengthen a suspected link between early childhood TV exposure and delayed language development. The study looked at 329 children and found that an increase in TV time correlated negatively with both attempts to speak from the children, and words used by their caregivers"

No surprises there! Imagine, the impact though television viewing by our young students must really have. Language is the basis of everything we expect children to do~social and emotional growth, educational and functional growth~all impacted by something most of us to everyday! The implications of television viewing could be broad reaching and long lasting, if that study is indeed accurate.  Interestingly, the next study referenced in the article claims no correlation to televion viewing and language development. Frankly as an educator, that is hard to believe.

This blog contains many articles, that I just cannot wait to check out. So, I added the link to the bottom of my blog!
--Shannon H.

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