Friday, May 11, 2012

Teaching and Stress

According to this article, Teaching and Stress: Symptoms and Cures Teaching ranks in the top 5 stressful jobs. This was an interesting article! What can be done? 

Teaching and Stress: Symptoms and Cures

What makes teaching one of the most stressful occupations, and what teachers can do to avoid the detrimental effects of stress.
by Alan Haskvitz
Regular to the Gazette
September 1, 2008

What can help us to cope?
Have a specific situation stressing you?
  1. Be honest with yourself. Think of the situation that is stressing you. What are the REAL and POSSIBLE outcomes of this situation?
  2. Accept the worst outcome.
  3. Think: What can I do to proactively avoid negative  outcomes. Think practical.
  4.  Let go of what is out of your control. 

You know these stress busters:
Eat regular, healthy meals
Get enough sleep
Stay hydrated
All of these can be hard to do when you are busy. Keep this mental mantra: "I perform better when I have fuel and rest. These tasks will happen faster if I take care of myself."  

  Create a positive social network! It's ok to excuse yourself from negative talk and workplace gossip. Proactively create a positive social network at school. 
Seek out teachers that are problem-solvers, not gossip-mongers. Some co-worker will like to complain, but are seeking sympathy not solutions. Exposed to this on a daily basis, it WILL create stress. Throughout the school year, build healthy relationships of mutual respect and common interests (not just discussions of problems). However when a problem does arise, those colleagues will likely be happy to be your sounding board. Don't forget to reciprocate--be a positive, safe place in return!

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