Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Explicitly Teach How to Read with Volume, Pitch, Rhythm and Tone and Teach How to Read Punctuation Marks!

    {A Teacher's Guide to Fluency Instruction Part I & II}
 Teaching a student to read aloud fluently can be a challenge. They must read smoothly, while decoding each word, comprehend what they are reading, and look ahead to know what emotion to put into their voice while reading. Students may simply focus on decoding the words and comprehending. How can elementary teachers have students also add expression and inflection to their reading?
First: Explicitly Teach Punctuation Marks
Teach the meaning behind punctuation mark. Practice, practice, practice! Compare and contrast what reading with and without punctuation marks sounds like. A practical way to teach this is to model and practice what your voice does at each punctuation mark.
Second, Explicitly Teach How to Read with Volume, Pitch, Rhythm and Tone
Teaching a student to recognize emotion and feelings in text must start with a conversation about the variety of human emotion. To read with expression and feelings that match a character, the student must identify the characters feeling and understand how that is translated into intonation. The following activities are designed to open up conversations about feeling, but also how this is expressed in literature through tone, inflection and expression.
This set of downloadable lesson plans provides the materials and lesson to do just that!

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