Thursday, September 13, 2012

Off to a Busy Start!

Wow! The school year has been off the a very busy start. I recently changed positions in order to be closer to home and work in the same school district as my daughter.
Instead of working solely with 5th graders and being the only teacher in charge of the 5th grade resource room, I know share this responsibility with a co-teacher. I LOVE having a co-teacher. She is absolutely wonderful and I can bounce ideas off another person who knows exactly what I am talking about. Amazing.
Other changes...instead of teaching 5th grade I now teach 4th - 6th.
I am also a Read 180 teacher. (Which I have never taught before!)
Of course, special education paperwork forms and procedures can very from district to district. While both districts I have worked for are well within the parameters of the law here in good 'ol Maine, there are differences. Alot of differences. To say the learning curve for me has been steep over the past few weeks would be an understatement.
So, I get to my point. My blog has been neglected for nearly a month due to all the exciting changes I have undergone recently!
It took guts to make the leap into my new position. I was very nervous to leave a postition that I knew I could handle and had down to a science and make that leap into the unknown. The humdrum of the old position wasn't bad, it was familiar and comfortable. Somehow, though I wouldn't call it a rut, it was routine. When I jumped into the unknown I received a shot of excitement, {a little anxiety}, and a mountain of new coworkers, routines, procedures and professional development to tackle. I am glad I did it. I enjoy teaching in a whole new way.
I am back to my blogging...I mean I needed something familiar after all this change.
Welcome to the new school year, it is off to a busy start!

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