Thursday, August 20, 2015

Garden Themed Bulletin Board~ "Positive Thinking and Reading”

This is the bulletin board outside of my hallway. I created a pocket full of copies of positive quotes for students to take, colorful poms and thanks to the wonderful clip art I found on Teachers Pay Teachers, I created my own posters and banners using publisher!
 photo 66a67766-5c85-4608-9ac0-6aaaeea432d4_zpszmzd2kzf.jpg

This is a pocket full of quotes and inspiration, students can take one or share one with a friend.

All of the printables are available on my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook Store for $4.oo

How to make tissue paper poms...

Tissue paper flowers or poms add a pop of color and are really easy!

Choose your colors and layer the tissue paper (2-3 pieces).
 Fold the paper like and accordion...Remember those fans we made as kids? You fold the tissue paper just like that!
Fold to find the middle and cut the tissue paper in half .

Cut about six inches of floral wire from the roll.

Lay your first half on the second and secure with floral wire in the middle.

Carefully separate your layers of tissue paper. Enjoy your colorful pom!

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up to my linky party. I would appreciate if you included my linky picture. (Feel free to ask if you need help!) I love the pom-pom flowers. I had forgotten about them. I think I'll make some! lol

    I hope you'll stop back by next week and link up with another great Take it and Make it!

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