Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3rd Grade Math Journal

3rd Grade Differentiated Math Journal

I enjoy working with math journals as warm-up activity with my students. Since the students in the special education setting generally need plenty of spiraling review  and lots of practice with common core type questions, I created a math journal for them. It has 30, 3rd grade math questions, pulled from objectives from the common core. Come August, that should get us off to a good start with our math journals!  

How are these math journal differentiated?
One journal is designed for an open ended response, the other has multiple choice answers. Same questions, but two different ways to answer!  The answer key is provided. 

 I always like to include cover sheets when I give my students packets. It helps them identify what I am talking about when I give directions.  

I like the versatility of the math journal pages. In addition to math journaling with one group, I plan to use them for test preparation for another.  Since there are 30 questions with enough space for students to show their work, they could also be used as an assessment for progress monitoring. In an effort to save paper, I printed 2 pages of the PDF on one sheet and I thought, "Sweet! I just made task cards!" So yes, I will definitely get my use out of my  "3rd Grade Differentiated Math Journal"

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