Thursday, July 11, 2013

Creating A Blog Button {EASY PEASY}

Creating a blog button...I always manage to miss one > , & or / that messes the whole thing up! Ugh!
I was very happy when I realized all it takes is these few easy steps, thanks to this website:

This is what you do:
1. Choose an image for your button. I created mine in Microsoft Publisher, saved as a JPG and then used Picmonkey to resize it.

**Keep your tabs open as you use the websites, just in case.** 

 2. Go to and click on 'edit a photo'. Select the image that you want. Here you can crop/ resize it to a square image...choose 125 x 125  or 250 x 250. Save this image to your computer.

3. Head over to This is where you will get the URL for you image. I think Photobucket is the easiest one to grab an URL. It appears in a box in the right.
 Copy the direct link.  

4. Get your CODE. Go to the code generator and input your information.
5. Copy this and head over to your BLOG. Go to the template, "add a gadget", choose  the HTML/Java option, paste and save!
I was very pleased with how {easy} it was!
Thanks to

Have a great day!

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