Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Successful planning for the r-skills assessment {Read 180}

 It took me nearly all of my first year teaching Read 180 before it occurred to me...know your end point BEFORE you begin each workshop. Print out the R-skills assessment and look over the objectives that are to  be taught...a starting from the end approach to lesson planning. It  improved the quality of planning, aided me in determining when to reteach, and the student's R-skills scores and levels of confidence increased immensely!

We are required to display our teaching objectives. I think it is a great idea. It is a nice visual reminder of "where you are going", providing focus to lesson planning. I created a bulletin board displaying all of the objectives that should be mastered before taking the R-skills test. It proved to be road map to our learning.

Knowing that the year will quickly get busy, I thought it would be wonderful to have the objectives and bulletin board materials right at my finger tips.

So I did. I created 100 + posters to complement the Read 180 {stage A} classroom.   They are ready to go! I am sharing them on my TpT store. (Well, you know...I have to raise a couple of bucks. The linoleum in my kitchen has to go. It's avocado, blue and gold. I hope you understand!)


Feel free to click around and explore the store. The posters are available in pink, blue, light green and white with green lettering. There are posters to display objectives as well as a colorful workshop # and title poster set.
 It's going to be a great school year!

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