Monday, December 23, 2013

Snowman Measuring Craftivity

This past week, the students made snowmen in math workshop. Math was incorporated all throughout the activity and it was so much fun!

First, students made a salt dough. This required the students to show off their knowledge of measurement and fractions!

The dough was shaped in snowmen, the students were required to measure the arms, scarf, and height of the snowman!

All of the data was recorded and graphed in the "Snowman Measuring" Packet!

Available for Purchase~$1.00 @TpT
Available for Purchase~$2.00 @ my TpT Store 

The finished snowman were great!

Yes, that is a Cyclops snowman.
These were completed just in time, before school was dismissed for vacation!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful vacation!

Warmest Wishes,
Shannon Henderson

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