Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Teaching and Relating Multiplication and Division

Teaching and Relating 
Multiplication and Division
  Unifix Cubes
  Construction paper squares to represent “groups”
Choose the set of math facts that your students have not yet mastered. (If you are just starting out your math fact journey, 2, 5, or 10s are easier patterns). For my first lesson, we worked on twos.
I introduced the lesson by reading the story, “Two of Everything” by: Lily Toy Hong.

An amusing discussion about what we would put into the “magic pot” ensued!
Then we quickly reviewed some double addition facts using these examples.
Then I showed what each of these examples would look like as a multiplication fact, representing them with unifix cubes and construction paper to show 2 groups of __ . The students quickly caught on that for each of these examples, there were only two construction paper squares because we were always doubling.

I threw some problems out to the group to represent with their own set of construction paper squares and unifix cubes. 

This lesson was engaging for the students, so they remembered our work even when the lesson was over! 

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