Friday, August 5, 2016

Ways to Promote Summer Reading!

  1. Have lots of books around! Take your kids to the library or the bookstore (new or used), yard sales or to a local thrift-shop. Pick out books, magazines or comics that are of interest to your children. Joining reading incentive programs and educational activities at the local library is a great way to enrich your kids and promote social reading. Go to the library every week if you can.
  2. Take books along with you. Make sure your kids see you reading, while you are waiting, at the beach and  at home. Read to your child and have them read to you. Talk about books you like, talk about why you liked them!
  3. Make reading enjoyable. Enjoying a old favorite is fine. Children learn more about the structure of literature and improve fluency with re-reads! Books that appear "too young" are fine, as long as reading is pleasurable. Make appropriate leveled books available too.
  4. Make the time! This is perhaps the hardest thing, as schedules fill up with sports, cookouts, trips and movies. Make time for reading everyday, perhaps part of an evening or bedtime routine. Swap out movies for books on a rainy day!

Fill your summer with reading and you will encourage kids to become life long readers!

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