Monday, October 10, 2016

Reading Lesson Comprehension Strategy: Making Predictions

I noticed as I graded Reading Response Journals Friday, some students were not clear about the reading strategy "making predictions". So, it is time to revisit the skill. Tomorrow in small group we are discussing the text, "Sophie's Squash Go To School."
 As I read, I will use the think aloud strategy to model how to make predictions. I will guide the students though a  discussion about predictions and they will use the graphic organizer to share their predictions. I made a slide show to walk them through the process. 
The video is designed to be PAUSED while you read the text, talk and students write on the T-Chart!

These T-chart graphic organizers will 
help students record their predictions.

 The T-chart graphic organizers are available from my Google Docs. 
From there you can also access a PDF version of the slide show! 

If you are interested in The Interactive Comprehension Reading Notebook featured in my lesson, ClICK HERE. It features:

50+ foldables and additional graphic organizers
Mini-anchor charts and foldable for each comprehension strategy:
Visualize, Question, Summarize, Prior Knowledge, Infer, Predict, Connecting and Text Evidence

Graphic organizers and foldables for other skills such as…
Retell, Important Parts of the Story, Main Idea & Details, Setting, Main Characters, Problem & Solution, Author’s Purpose Sort, Imagery, Point-of-View, & Text Features.

The Interactive Comprehension Reading Notebook also includes a comprehension reading log with think-marks. The reading log features double entry style page to promote use of text evidence. The reading log features a built in rubric, with a more detailed rubric to outline specific expectations for students.
Many foldables and graphic organizers also feature Handwriting without Tears style lines, sentence starters, and opportunities to provide text evidence.

If you would like to see all the pages included in the product, along with pictures of the product printed and set up, please visit this Youtube link:

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